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Monday, April 24, 2006


"The image of hatred and the other, a foreigner is neither the romantic victim of our clannish indolence nor the intruder responsible for all the ill of the polis. Neither the apocalypse on the move, nor the instant adversary to be eliminated for the sake of appeasing the group..."

It's too damn early to be reading this stuff, but here I am. My brain's still half-asleep so I'm having a hard time processing what I have to edit, but process it I must for there's a deadline to be met.

The things we do for a bit of extra income. I generally don't mind editing this publication--it does, after all, force me to read intellectually stimulating and sometimes challenging content--but it gets a little difficult when I'm exhausted from my day job. Plus, half the time, I feel like I don't completely understand what these theologians are trying to say. I think I've gotten better at it though (the same way I did at writing about the economy for my old job--who woulda thunk?). I remember going to ADMU and meeting the editor-in-chief, and she was so surprised to meet me. She said all this time she was expecting that all those bloody markings on the manuscript were made by an experienced old lady. Instead she met a punk in jeans and flipflops.

Delaying tactics again. I'd better get back to work. Will post again once I get my hands on some Bataan pics from this weekend.

Boo Monday!


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