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Friday, March 09, 2007

Based on something I read recently, I think I may be exhibiting signs of burnout. And since I didn't really read the entire thing, I have no idea how to shake it off. I do know a nice beach trip would help.

I also read another piece about success. It asked, "If you could be anything and there was nothing to stop you, what would it be?" The first answer that popped into my head actually surprised me. It's not something I've considered in a long time, but now I'm thinking about it again. I'll mull over it and see if it really is something I want to get into. Ask yourself the same question--you might be surprised at the answer yourself.

About last year's dream, the supposed calling that my heart felt was right...well, I guess I'm still pursuing it, but not with as much gusto. I'm realizing that a bunch of other people have the same idea, and I'm a little behind. I know I should remain unfazed if it's really what I want. I guess I'm just beginning to question whether this is the dream. And if it's not, then it's back to square one. I'm a big believer in never being too old to chase your dreams. But as I've gotten to know myself more, I've realized that I'm impatient.

Recently, I asked H if he believed that everyone had that one purpose, something he/she is meant to do or be. It was a morning that was as cloudy as my muddled-up thoughts and my looming sense of dejection. I thought, what if not everyone has that one purpose--do we just settle for the next best thing? What if we all have this perception that there's supposed to be that one thing for us, and we spend our lives searching for it, wasting our every-days because there's truly nothing to find?

Sigh. The sun is calling.


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