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Monday, April 02, 2007

My kind of date

A week ago, H and I made a stupid bet--which I lost (kind of a long story, but one scene had me hanging onto his arm, trying to slow him down so that I would win...while he easily pulled me across the Shang corridors), so I had to treat him to dinner.

We'd been planning to hang out at Serendra so this was the perfect time to do it. Yesterday, after having lunch at Chili's with his family (mmm, boneless buffalo chicken salad), he took a looong nap before we headed to the Fort. We walked around Shops at Serendra and Bonifacio High Street for a bit, and, of course, hung out at A Different Bookstore! We then had an early dinner at Conti's. The food was spectacular! As we dined over roast beef, chicken marsala (a winner!), and baked salmon, we talked a lot about the future (his, in particular). The man's sure got a lot on his mind. A weird thing I discovered: He actually wants me to nag him when it comes to certain things. How strange! It's funny how a non-nagger like myself ended up with probably the only guy in the world who wants to be nagged. I was like, "If I told you once, I told you a thousand times!"

Afterwards, we looked for a coffee shop where we could hang out...and read! I would've wanted to go to CBTL, but it was a bit too chilly. Since H hadn't tried the coffee at Bo's Coffee Club yet, we made our way there. He got his Panama coffee, I picked out a big lemon square, and we both settled in our seats with books in hand. (I'm lovin' The Shadow of the Wind, which I picked up from A Different Bookstore recently...its first four chapters have already got me hooked. Let's hope it can sustain my interest.) We spent the next hour reading, and every now and then we'd talk a little. Afterwards, we walked back to the car, passing High Street, where a gentle breeze whipped through the muggy summer evening. We held hands as we strolled along, watching as families played around on the grass. And it made me smile thinking I wouldn't mind spending every Sunday for the rest of my life like this.

Of course, I'd rather that he paid for dinner!


  • At 2:01 AM , Blogger decorator said...

    im sure you will sister! im sure you will....

    and im sure he will too!!!


  • At 2:50 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Yeah, I ain't in any rush.:)

  • At 11:40 PM , Blogger decorator said...

    so kelan?


    can i do the set-up? hihihihihihihi!!! libre.

  • At 11:12 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Uy, libre! One of my favorite words. Hahaha.

    Um, you'll have to ask him kung kelan.:)


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