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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What is up with my appetite these days?

The over-eating didn't end with Sunday's lengua, pastel, tempura lunch/Chicago Dog merienda/sisig, lechon kawali, chicharon bulaklak dinner. This evening (or last night, if we're being technical), had dinner at around 6:00pm. Had me some fish, rice, and diced green mangoes mixed with tomatoes and bagoong. Mmm. A couple of hours later, I was hungry again, so I had oatmeal and a banana (under the pretense of "eating right"). Not 30 minutes went by and I was hungry all over again. All my good eating intentions flew out of the window. I grabbed me some Funshots, justifying it by saying I had a long night ahead of me (I was right--I'm still at work!). So I polished that off...and now I'm feeling incredibly full. Ugh. I couldn't stop myself from eating the whole damn box.

I've gotta get this under control! This can't be good.


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