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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I can't get over how big she is...

Presenting...Sophia, Joseph and Sheila's two-month-old (I kid you not) bundle of joy! She's absolutely gigil-worthy. Baptism was held on Joseph's birthday at Christ the King. A scrumptious lunch followed (I'm still dreaming about that lengua. Literally. I really dreamt about it last night!). More photos in my multiply.

(From top: Sleeping cutie; family pic; mommies Kim and Sheila, Sophia, me, and Ninang Sandy)

After lunch, H, Mac, Sheryl, JP, and I headed to Greenhills, where H and I tapped into our inner dorks and went A Different Bookstore. We got one book each. I can't even remember what I got anymore, because I was choosing from quite a few. H, who loves management books and doesn't read fiction, pointed to a real estate book. "If you're gonna read, you might as well learn from it," he insisted. But I'm a total fiction-lover so I chose something that seemed interesting. "Reading fiction helps me become a better writer," I reasoned. True, I'm reading Freakonomics now--the rare nonfiction book I'd pick up--but as nonfiction books go, real estate probably wouldn't make it into my top 10. Haha. Give me history any day.

I think, compared to the last book I read (Gabriel Garcia-Marquez's Memories of My Melancholy, he's sure got a thing for these much-older-man-falls-for-an-adolescent plots!), the book I chose is probably lacking in depth, but it looks exciting at least. I'm saving it for Holy Week.

As if we didn't have enough to eat, we headed to Promenade for a snack. I wasn't that hungry, but when I saw JP's Chicago Dog, I was drooling with envy. What's a girl to do but order one for herself?

Afterwards, we made our way to Ateneo, where H and the boys had their last game of the ABL season. Sigh. Ended the day with a "spirited debate/post-game analysis" at Katips, where I fell victim to takaw-tingin for a second time that day! JP ordered chicharon bulaklak at Katips, and naturally, we had to have our own, on top of the sisig and lechon kawali that I already chowed down! Eviiiil. Man, I've gotta lay off the bad stuff this week.


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