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Monday, April 23, 2007

My week as a single girl

H is out of town as I type, and this is the longest that he and I have been apart since I went to the US. I didn't even realize we were going to be away from each other this long. I just focused on squeezing a good number of activities into the days that he was gone so that I wouldn't miss him that much. (It didn't work.)

Wednesday, I had dinner with my family at Banapple, a place that I shall be blogging about soon. Thursday, I went salsa dancing with Tring, Anj, and Mona. It was funny how the guys were pretty much ignoring me, always going for Tring and Anj. Tring's like, "Grabe, you really have this look na you don't wanna dance!" I put on my "don't mess with me" aura coz I didn't really feel like dancing with the likes of the Brit dude we nicknamed Lolo Steve. (I don't dance with guys I don't know.) Or maybe I was just overshadowed by the hotness of my companions: a Shaina Magdayao-lookalike and a morena beauty. Haha.

The funniest thing about that night was that Anj fell in looove. With a guy whose name she didn't catch because she was too smitten to say anything. He was some Latino-looking dude who could shake his bonbon, and who was the first one to ask her to dance. He had longish hair and was wearing a cut-off black polo with torn and faded jeans, which led to Tring's hilarious comment, "Hindi ko siya type but I like the styling!" Hahaha.

Friday night was the bench bar-passers' party. Alas, I was working til about 4:00 am on Saturday! Sigh. Slept at around 5:00 am then had to get up two hours later for a shoot. Was too cheap to get a messenger to help me haul my pullouts and a desk from home, so I did the clearing and carrying myself. The driver and trusty ol' Elps took care of the desk (which fell apart by the end of the shoot).

A lot of people asked me if I found a room for the shoot (since I pestered people over text and email). Marie offered--or was forced into offering--the spare room at the condo she shared with her mom. I brought adobo and asado rolls from Conti's as payment. Man, I need a tan! (Photo by Ocs Alvarez)

After the shoot, I took a delicious nap at home before I headed to ultimate. Our team was down 8-2, I think, but we rallied in the end and won by 1. I didn't really do much though. Go boys! Hehe.

I didn't really have anything planned afterwards so I decided to stay home. (No one asked anyway. What a loser I am. Haha.) I discovered that Saturday night TV is definitely not for homebodies! Into the Blue was showing on Star Movies, and as much as I admire Jessica Alba's physique (my goal body!), the movie wasn't even good enough for cable! Luckily, towards the end of the night, shows like The Search for the Next Doll came on. Haha.

Sunday, I just slept for a good deal of the day, still recovering from working for about 24 hours from Friday to Saturday. That night I finally watched Love Actually in its entirety, and it is now officially on my favorite movies list! I've always liked it, but I would always catch it on cable and I'd never get to start it, so I didn't think it was right to deem it a favorite then. But now I feel like I could say that, if I could be in any movie, I would be in this one! Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Rowan Atkinson, Keira Knightley...what more could you ask for?

Today, I just had lunch with Jerry, which was cool since we hadn't seen each other in a couple of months. And I found me a possible companion to Ilocos. Yay!

All in all, being "single" sucks. Sure, it works for some, but I guess I'm a relationship person, and I probably wouldn't do well in a long-distance one, mostly because I like being hugged and kissed, and having my hand held. And even if there's text messaging and email and phone calls, they pale in comparison to having a nice, warm body by my side.


  • At 9:47 AM , Blogger lei said...

    i love love actually! :)

  • At 2:06 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Kulang na lang ata sa lineup si Judi Dench. Hehe.

  • At 12:59 AM , Blogger Frances said...

    We're all built for relationships. I can't stand being away from my hubby. Grabe, whenever mahihiwalay kami (kahit overnight lang) iyak ako nang iyak! Arte talaga!

  • At 11:45 AM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Naks, "hubby"! Congrats!:)


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