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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

H's mom was in town, so the family (which apparently includes me) spent a couple of nights at Highlands. The first day, we pretty much just aired out the house. It was strange how a full meal was served at 3:00 pm. H and were like, "What's this supposed to be?" Rice and nilaga aren't exactly regular merienda fare!

We stayed behind as the kids all went out to go horseback riding. Later that night, when the kids were in bed, the grownups headed over to Mile Hi for dessert. Mmm.

The next day, we went to Munting Buhanin in Nasugbu (beside Terrazas)--my first beach trip in a really long time! Yay! We discovered that H's bro Adri, who insisted that "may tiyan na nga ako ngayon," actually has a six pack. Haha. He even had a Daniel Craig moment when he emerged from the water. We also discovered that, while older nephew Anton is a bit scared of deep water (we have something in common!), little Lorenzo is quite the brave little boy. He would just laugh as his Ninong H brought him to the deeper parts. I swear, this kid's gonna be bad-ass when he grows up! Just like his ninong. Haha.

On our way back to Highlands, we stopped over at Cliffhouse, where there's a spectacular view of Taal Lake. They did good things with that plot of land. If only there were cheaper restos around! The whole experience made me miss going out of town with my family. I remember a Baguio trip we took with my cousins and my mom's siblings, and a Puerto Azul trip that we went on while my US-based relatives were here. Sigh. My dream is to one day take a trip to Ilocos with the clan, with each family staying at a house in Sitio Remedios.

When we got back to the house, the others turned in. H and I both had work to do so we took turns on his laptop. The house was quiet, and it felt like we were the only ones there--it was kind of a sneak preview of our future: There we were, watching NBA and Dumb and Dumber on cable while one of us typed away. Later on, we settled into the couch and watched Isang Tanong. If this is what our future holds, then our typical night won't be filled with excitement. Instead, there'll be comfort and security, and jokes that only the two of us would get. Even as not-yet-weds, it already feels like we're an old married couple in the very best sense.

(Clockwise from top) Me trying out my nautical semi-sporty two-piece for the upcoming Ultimate beach trip; H looking like he's got a secret. H helping Lorenzo devour an ice cream cone--it was a blessed mess but it was so cute seeing them together. The family at Mile Hi for dessert (although H's bro ordered a chili dog--which I drooled over.)


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