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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nothing to write home about

The past week has been quite uneventful, although there were little moments that brought bursts of joy:
  • Hanging with my barkada
  • Sleeping over at Mads's (I super missed her while she was away!)
  • Watching back-to-back movies with H (Spidey 3--better than I expected after hearing everyone gripe about it--and Shrek 3--sadly, while it had its funny moments, it was still worse than I had hoped)
  • Running into Rene's parents and their friends...and then having dinner with them!
  • Meeting up with a good friend who shall remain unnamed (haha)
  • Seeing Dil and happily discovering that absolutely nothing has changed
  • Hanging out with two of the three other members of F.A.K.E. (Fenix, Alvarez, Kalalo, and Estoy. Haha)
Nothing major. But it's the little things that sustain our spirits.


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