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Monday, May 21, 2007

A seemingly drugged-out version of me stumbled into work today, even though I didn't have to go, given the hours we worked last Friday and Saturday. But I figured I'd save the free day for when I need it, and just spend this day watching over the interns and our newbie.

Woke up later than I was supposed to, and I hadn't felt that disoriented in a really long time. I actually couldn't figure out what day it was! I went through each day in my head--"No, it's not it Friday? Please make it be Friday...but it was just Sunday recently so...damn!"--and my mind finally, defeatedly settled on Monday. Was in no mood to put together anything presentable, so I settled for comfortable. So here I am, in shorts and a plain black tee, with my hair still wet, and the bridge of my nose still slightly swollen after getting hit by a speeding disc. (There's a scratch on there too. Over the weekend, I kept telling people, "Touch it! Touch it!" so they could feel how irrregularly shaped my nose was. When the disc hit, I thought my nose would bleed. Later on, I feared that I would come out of it looking like Owen Wilson, which wouldn't be so bad if I were a guy.)

I just realized that the reason my energy's so low today might be coz I haven't worked out in a while. Just went to the gym once last week for a hurried workout, and played ultimate last Saturday. Had a tummy ache so I couldn't really run, so it baffled me when the opposite team would yell, "Runner!" whenever I was open. Maybe I was just delirious from the pain.

Can't wait til I can get on a treadmill. And I can't believe I just said that.


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