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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can someone please pass the puke bucket?

I never thought this day would come--I actually want to lay off the desserts for a couple of days!

Our food mag is having its "dessert week," and the staff has been inviting us to try and rate a truckload of different desserts every day. Yesterday, I had me some yuuuuummy frozen brazo de mercedes and lemon torte. But today, they really set me to work! I thought all I had to do was try small samples of three different cakes (banana cream, chocolate oblivion, chocolate cake). But after I was through with those, they gave me samples of bar treats like rocky road and fudge brownies, almond roca (a winner!), cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies...and a parmesan stick for good measure. All in all, I sampled 20 different desserts. I actually had to pass on the Russian tea cookies (not a fan) and the oatmeal cookies (I don't really like raisins, unless they're in Cadbury Fruit and Nut. I especially don't like them in real food, like relleno and stuff!).

This, after a big meal at Mexicali! Groooooan.


  • At 3:20 PM , Blogger Em Dy said...

    Tough job but somebody's got to do it...he he he.

    But don't the desserts taste the same after you tried them all in one go? Curious...

  • At 5:34 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    I know! I feel silly for complaining, but it's been a good three hours and I still haven't recovered!

    They actually had apricot ginger cookies as palate cleansers. Would've been cool if I had me a cup of calamansi sorbet. Mmmm.

    Some of 'em were kinda similar na, like all the chocolate stuff, but there were still nuances in texture and sweetness.:)

  • At 5:32 AM , Blogger decorator said...

    in fairness! ang sarap ng frozen brazo!

  • At 7:54 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    I know! I loved it!

    I had to try, like, 10 more desserts today! *Burp*


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