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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I got this comment in that work blog today:

"I guess your more of a writer than a fashionista, the morbid thing about fashion you see is going thru a phase, piecing together these iconic word “fashionista” honey youll go thru this article of yours literrally over and over and over again before you can be a fashion magazine writer, much more to be “a” fashionista!!! and when I said your more than a writer I literrally meant “a” writer, not a fashion magazine writer, now dont take this personnally, all that Ive said is nothing but benificial to you and to all your so called bloggers. good luck, and I wish you all the best in your chosen path, for what youve chosen is long road to trek! heck your just runarounds in my case, theres a whollatta things you dont know about, but youll get there!!! ciao!!!mythoughtsexactly!!!"

To which I wanted to reply, "Huh?"

See, my entry wasn't about fashion at all so I was left scratching my head! (Added to that was the fact that I couldn't quite make out what this person was trying to say.) This same person has been leaving disparaging comments in the other blogs, and even dared to attack Myrza (with a grammatically incorrect, heavily misspelled comment). That got me riled up. But whatever. There are haters everywhere (some more eloquent than others) and the best course of action is to ignore. And blog about it somewhere else. Hahaha. But yeah, the comments speak for themselves (read them, I tell ya!) so tralala. (Hold on a minute, I just realized: I have a hater, which means I have "arrived"! Yeba. Hahaha.)

On a side note, there was some weirdo who kept attacking Donna before--this person actually created different accounts (traced by the blog people) so that she could make it seem like Donna had a lot of people hating on her. Donna handled it swimmingly, but when the person started maligning her kids, she put her foot down. Her kids, can you imagine? Some people need to get a life.


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