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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If you can't say anything nice...

This is a rare, somewhat angst-y post. I obviously can't post it in that other blog, because I was kind of chosen as the token happy girl--all sunshine and daisies. And well, this is a little too personal for a larger audience.

I read last night that it takes 20 compliments to undo the damage caused by one negative comment. It sure explained a lot. It explained how, no matter how many nice things people tell you, you end up remembering the nasty things you heard. I've gotten so tired of getting criticized every day (about my skin, my weight, my hair, my accomplishments...apparently there is an abundance of things about me that merits criticism) that I nearly snapped today. But I can't let it break my spirit. There are bigger problems in the world. And I am lucky to have a boyfriend who says enough good things about me to erase (or at least dampen the effect of) the negative stuff I hear.

That said, I ask the readers of my blog (yes, all two of you. Haha) to pay someone a compliment today. And if you have the urge to tell someone about what exactly is wrong with him or her, can it. Chances are, the person already knows, and you'll just make matters worse. Be sincere, be kind--and make someone's day.


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