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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Was watching the American Idol finale at the gym this morning, and one special guest totally caught my attention...

Photo from of AP/Yahoo News

Nope, not Kelly Clarkson, but the one on the right. That's Joe Perry, Aerosmith lead guitarist, and the first man I ever thought of as sexy!*

*Before seeing this dude (like 15 years ago!), I didn't understand what a sexy man was. Haha.


  • At 3:55 PM , Blogger lei said...

    hmm am distracted by kelly clarkson's booty

  • At 5:36 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Hahahaha. Oo nga eh! Didn't realize she had some junk in her trunk. Hahaha.

  • At 3:25 AM , Blogger decorator said...

    hmmm... definitely may dating..

    pero yun an yun...

    you have been tagged sis (and future neighbor?)--- see my blog for details

  • At 1:27 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    He's old enough to be my dad. Hahaha.

    Future neighbor...we'll see! Pa-carpool! Haha.


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