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Monday, March 03, 2008

I normally spend Sunday mornings in bed...scratch that: I normally spend Sundays in bed. I get up before noon, have lunch, watch a bit of TV, read a few chapters of whatever book I'm reading, take a nap, go to mass with H, then either just chill at home or go to the mall (or on some days, get a massage from Feet For Us).

Yesterday was different in that I went to Quezon Ave., Pasay, and Makati--and all before 11:00 am! I had to get up at an unholy hour to make my 7:00 am shoot at the Lung Center Sunday Market (more on that soon in my other blog). Afterwards, we headed to Cartimar to shoot one last store. On the way back to home base, I got dropped off at Legaspi--I wanted to check out the Legaspi Sunday Market, and had me a bite (a pretty hefty one; again, more on that soon in my other blog) before sleep started to get the better of me.

I had to commute home, so I walked from Legaspi to the Ayala MRT station. On my way there, I came across a pretty little park. In my years of working in Makati, I had never been to that park, so it was a a pleasant surprise. It would've been awesome if I had had a good book with me, as well as about four more hours of sleep. I could've just chilled on one of the benches there, watching expats with their blonde-haired kids in tow, a Pinoy dad showing his two children the fish in the pond, a couple of tykes running around a modern sculpture. I told myself I would go back.

As I walked, the trees slowly gave way to bigger buildings, noisier streets, and more people. The rest of the city was just waking up, while I was on my way back to bed.


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