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Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Brother is watching

There was a collective scream, and my voice was among the many that pierced through the air. We had just seen a little boy, maybe of about three or four, inexplicably tumble down the two steps outside the mall and land on the driveway, just as a car came to a stop.

I don't know what happened exactly. The boy--not a particularly boisterous type; in fact, he seemed rather quiet--was standing right beside me, accompanied by his mom and his big brother, perhaps about six years old. The mom was on her celphone, I looked away, and the next second, I saw the little one fall forward. It looked like he hit his head on the side of the car. Thank goodness the car had already stopped, and didn't move as the boy, dazed, shaken, got up. Being one of the nearest bystanders, I rushed forward to ask if he was OK. His mom, panicky, was chiding him, "Anak, ano bang ginagawa mo?" more out of worry than anger. All those lined up at the taxi queue were staring and talking, and a couple of guards came forward to make sure that the boy wasn't hurt.

But there's one thing I don't think anyone else saw. Big brother was quiet the whole time. And as there was a commotion going on around him, he silently but firmly took his little brother's arm, and pulled the kid behind him. Kuya was making sure that it didn't happen again, that he was standing between his younger brother and imminent danger. And while the little one's stumble got all our hearts racing, I don't think I'll ever forget Big Brother's protective gesture.

That boy's going to turn out all right.


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