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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I won! I won!

Two posts in one day?!

What could have happened for me to feel compelled to write yet another entry? Well, I--little miss lucky-in-love, unlucky-in-gambling; the sole person from my mag who didn't win anything at the Christmas party raffle--finally won something! And it wasn't some little gift pack full of stuff that I would just give away. I won an Oster Sandwich Press Grill!!!

I was eyeing the indoor George Foreman-esque grill, but hey, I ain't complaining! I am so excited. Just a couple of weeks ago, I whipped out our ancient Imarflex sandwich maker. For lack of anything to eat at home, I made some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for me and H (after giving the ol' hunk of machinery a scrub-down). I think it's about time that the old-timer retired. be replaced by an Oster Sandwich Press Grill! Which I won!!! (Did I mention that already?)

I was so excited, I actually looked for pressed sandwich ideas online--chicken and apple, ham and onions, cheese and Dijon mustard. Looks like I'll be having sandwiches a whole lot from now on!



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