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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The last hurrah end all last hurrahs!

Somewhere between catching a disc during a go-to drill, grabbing drinks with Galile-oh, Lolo D, and some cool chicks from the new Survivor, and work the next day, I decided to go to Dumaguete.

Booked it before Mumsy could protest. Oh, protest she did--she's not too keen on me traveling so close to the Big Day. But the only thing I could say was, "If I don't go, I'm going to regret it."

A few days later, I was on a plane to the Visayas. One week later, I am still missing how time stands still during the day, how the 10:00 am sun feels like a scorching 2:00 pm burn, and how the hours zoom by once it gets dark. I am missing the music--particularly Rihanna's Hatin' on the Club (which is now constantly on my playlist. Happy thoughts), and even the relentlessly looped Nobody by the Wonder Girls. I am missing the free drinks--my companions found it funny how the only night I paid for drinks was probably the last night. People just kept sending stuff my way so yay! Most of all, I am missing the company: my adoptive team, Circus Weng Weng, which sweetly took me in and even gave me a very memorable (eherm) send-off; and the super fun Roaches/Chupacabras, who had no qualms about putting their glutes on display. Special mentions:

Mich, my dance partner who has an infectious laugh
Map, who cracks me up with her deadpan hirits
Gary, Ogee, and even no-show Putow for the, uh, gift
Alvin--rarr! Hahaha
Cali, for the Pringles pirate laugh trip!
Xtian, my rakstar teammate and one of my most favorite people, like, ever
MVP Faiqah, Gisela, Agee, for BI-ing me :p
Onyok, for being one of the people who convinced me to go
And Blue. I have no words, man. Except thank you.

This trip was the best way to end my run as a single girl! A life of wedded bliss beckons. Perhaps next year I shall go back to Dumags with my hubby--and my team!--in tow.

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