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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A few days ago, I whipped out my brand new wallet--which H bought on his trip abroad, after hearing me say that I needed one--and my husband smiled, saying, "I like buying you stuff." It was my turn to smile after seeing how happy he was to get his little gift...

Read about this beauty here.

Thanks to Dino, I got this 32-inch LG LH20 LCD TV at a really good price. H and I already had a TV but it was a tad too bulky for the living area, so it's found a place in our guest room. (We've banned the TV from our bedroom.) I offered to give him his much-coveted LCD TV as an early Christmas gift, and he gladly accepted. He did the research and decided on this sleek unit, which now stands shining in the living area. It's resting on a side table for now, so next up: a custom-made TV console!


  • At 1:37 AM , Blogger Frances said...

    "I like buying you stuff."

    Vince loves saying that, too =) And I like doing that for him, too! So we shop for each other a lot. Not good on the wallet, no no!

  • At 1:49 AM , Blogger Tisha said...

    I guess spoiling our husbands (naks) far outweighs any urge to save. Haha


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