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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Radio (and TV) gaga

Appeared on TV for my longest segment ever for work. I don't like seeing myself on TV (particularly when it's my right side. Haha), but it was kind of cool coz I think I answered pretty well. I really made a conscious effort not to say "um"!

With the other interviewee, home makeover winner Kitchi.

Also went on my very first radio tour to promote a few things, and it was more fun than I thought it would be!

First stop: Magic 89.9 with CJ and Suzy. After CJ gave me an overly hyped-up intro (trumpets blaring and all), we had a fun interview, full of double entendres (as Magic humor is wont to be).

An excerpt:

CJ: So Tisha, tell us what to do when the house gets flooded.
Tish: Well, you have to wear protection. You have to wear rubber...
(all these jokes about using protection and rubber)
Tish: I meant rubber gloves and rubber boots...
Suzy: (to CJ) Be gentle, it's her first time here.
Tish: So yeah, you have to wear protection coz you might get dirty...
(even more jokes)
Tish: Sorry, that was my bad.
CJ: I like her, she's so game!

Second stop: Jam 88.3 with Tracy and Patti. These girls were so incredibly nice, and they even gave me and Ingrid (our PR girl who accompanied me) Krispy Kreme Snickers donuts. Evil.

With my donut...and their creepy Halloween decor.

Third stop: Wave 89.1 with Jerome. Jerome was super cool--before I went on air, he asked me if I had any requests. First song that came to mind was, of course, "Empire State of Mind." Then I blurted out "Oh! Trey Songz's 'I Need a Girl'!" and he said, "I can play both for you!" And he did! Talk about instant requests. I also saw the poster of that Lebron movie on their wall, and we started talking about basketball. He's from LA, so he's a Lakers boy. It's funny how he says "we" when he talks about the Lakers! (E.g., "We're going to win it again this year.")

Fourth stop: 99.5 RT with Slide. The interview was supposed to be with Inka, but she was late, so Slide just slid me in as we all waited.

Ingrid said that I'm "a natural," and that I'm pretty good at this, so yay! She says that other people sound really nervous. But I wasn't nervous at all. I was so comfortable in those booths, just having a conversation with the DJs. And my husband said I sounded sexy. Haha. I realized, though, that I can't stay on air for more than 10 minutes. Any more than that, and I'm in danger of letting slip a swear word (me and my bad bad sailor mouth)!

And that completes my tri-media domination! Mwahahaha!

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