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Friday, October 16, 2009

Say "Spa-ahhh"

Last week, I had what was probably one of my top five massages ever.

I got gift certificates to Island Spa during one of my bridal showers, and there was enough for me and H to get a massage together. We booked a private room where it was just the two of us, and we went, not really knowing what to expect.

I figured Island was more known for its foot and back massage (P640 for an hour and 15 minutes) than for its full-body massage, but on that day, our whole bodies needed pampering. His legs were crying out for attention after we ran 5K a couple of nights before (his first run in months, and, with no basketball for a couple of weeks, his first cardio workout in a while), so he wanted the whole shebang. We coughed up the GCs and an extra hundred bucks for our Swedish massage (P550/hour).

I wasn't really expecting much. We walked in and found a flat-screen TV mounted on one wall, and a Japanese paper lantern dangling in a corner--H pointed it out because it was similar to our dining room lamp (the closest I will probably get to owning something Noguchi-esque). There were robes and shorts set out for us. After changing, we were made to lie, face down on the massage bed. I immediately gave this spa plus points--normally, I would feel some discomfort, even the slightest bit, lying on a massage bed. My neck would be at a weird angle, or the, uh, girls would be all squished. But on this bed, there was no discomfort at all.

I'm terribly annoyed with myself for not remembering my masseuse's name, but she did an excellent job! The pressure was just right, and she didn't hit any of the spots that normally tickle and/or cause me pain. I never enjoyed a leg massage quite as much as I did in this instance.

As they finished up our backs, they covered each of us with a big hot towel. Not only was this so soothing, but it also served to wipe off some of that oil from our skin. Nice touch. And then, we were made to turn around. As we did, we found that they had placed a heated pad on the bed! Ahhhh. It was hot, hot, hot at first, but later on it was just delicious. The masseuses proceeded to put hot towels on our arms and our bodies, making sure we were kept warm despite the cool air coming from the A/C.

At the end of it, H and I sat back (yes, sat--the massage bed could be turned into a lounger!) and watched a bit of TV, marveling at all the heated towels and pads used during the massage. "Hindi talaga tinipid," he remarked, as he sipped on his ginger tea (or what he dubbed as "sweet bulalo tea"--"Lasang matamis na bulalo!" he insisted). And tonight, after both of us spent a grueling day on our feet--me in four-inch heels, him in his uncomfy Cole Haans--we were both just longing to go back.

Island Spa is located at 2/F Jupiter Place, 138-138 Jupiter St., Bel Air, Makati City; tel. (02) 899-1234, 751-8296. You can also visit them at Rustan's Heaven on the Fifth, 5th Level, Rustan's Makati; tel. (02) 710-8588.

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  • At 4:56 PM , Blogger Lei said...

    Tishie Tishie, you need to add your links again. :(

    I wanna try Island Spa some time soon. I mentioned it to Fel at NR lang siya at that moment pero nabasa rin daw niya dito. :P

  • At 7:51 AM , Blogger Tisha said...

    I know I do, but I don't know how!:( Hence the distress signal.:s

  • At 8:31 AM , Blogger Lei said...

    Dashboard --> Layout --> Add a gadget! :)


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