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Monday, November 09, 2009

Three-month recap, the short version

Delinquent blogger = incredibly busy. The irony is that there is so much to blog about, so little time. I realized that I haven't even given a recap since August! I'd love to give a blow-by-blow, but I am so incredibly exhausted. Am typing this in bed after going home from work early--felt so sick and faint today, especially after a shoot in this blasted heat.

The last few months have been hot! And the sweat on my forehead proves it. Me and H at the bonfire for back-to-back UAAP champs, the Blue Eagles and Blue Eaglets.

So anyway, a short highlight reel, because even though it's long overdue, those months definitely deserve some blog space:

1. Lots of bridal showers. And a legendary girls' night out!
2. Increasing my alcohol threshold. Preparing for a wedding does that to ya! I was so stressed that I was drinking practically every night two weeks before my wedding. Not getting wasted though--just enough to calm my nerves. (Dude, if you and your fiance were still cutting out seating cards a few days before your wedding, you'd drink too.)
3. ...and while I was at it, I ended up hanging with celebrities. Strange. Was out with Lolo D a couple of times, who intro-ed me to his friends. Was baffled by a mind-blowing card trick by Angel's male best friend from the biz. Had a really weird, funny conversation with this famous male model. (Such a beautiful face. And the sign of a very handsome man: When other men think so too! H played basketball with him once, and my manly husband said, "Guapo talaga." Hahaha.) Had drinks with a sexy starlet. The most rockin' new people I got to meet were Mika and Amanda from Survivor Philippines: Palau. They were so cool and so incredibly nice!
4. The Dumaguete trip. It was awesome. I didn't really get to meet people from the provincial teams since I didn't play much, so it totally surprised me when a Dumags dude who was in town recognized me. He said hi first and said, "You're the newlywed, right?" Then he said something about remembering me because I kept drinking. Haha. Hey, people kept sending free drinks my way! What're you gonna do, right? I think it's an engaged thing. Everyone wants to wish you well by giving you a drink!

Marrying the love of my life!

1. Back-to-back champs, baby! Didn't get to watch the finals live, but we partied at the bonfire. Woohoo!
2, Media (over)exposure. I had taping for two different shows, and a radio tour around four stations. The TV segments were pretty lengthy too, not the teeny sound bites I used to give. I've got another taping tomorrow. And I have no idea what to wear.
3. Kit and Kris's wedding. The kids are finally married!
4. Settling into married life. And I am love-love-lovin' it!



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