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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A closetful of nothing to wear

I'm getting frustrated trying to figure out what to wear to a smart-casual event tomorrow night. It doesn't help that I'm feeling kind of pudgy since I was only able to work out twice this week. Argh. It's tough being a girl! Haha.

My first (and, so far, only) option is this beautiful scarf that I intend to turn into a top. The problem--which I was too afraid to voice out, but which my mom had no qualms declaring--is that it might fall off and give everyone a free show. Sigh.

My closets are stuffed with clothes, but I'm actually only very happy with a small percentage of it all. If I could have my dream closet, it would be filled with stuff by Uli from Project Runway Season 3. Her clothes are so me. A few months ago, I actually said that I thought I had enough clothes, and I didn't have to shop for a while. But I've gotten tired of my regular outfits, and I've realized that I need:
  • A "fat" top--a stylish something for those days when I don't feel like baring my arms, or when I don't want to wear something that hugs my body
  • A good pair of slacks. I have a few pairs of jeans, but not enough grown-up, ladylike pants!
  • A versatile dress
  • Black heels, as my most recent ones have retired. I was going to replace them with these killer black, snakeskin peep-toe stilettoes, but I couldn't find 'em in my size. I ended up buying the super sexy red version (which I didn't need!).
My "want" list is a whole other matter.


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