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Friday, July 06, 2007

My first Indian wedding

It's going to be one of those multi-part entries.

I've been wanting to write about the trip that I just took, but have been so busy since I got back. Any free time I had, I spent sleeping. Still have sleep debt from four straight nights of partying! But the main reason I felt like I couldn't write about it was that it seemed like no words could do justice to what this whole trip meant to me; I couldn't possibly put together an entry beautiful enough to communicate the depth of the whole experience.

In the next couple of entries, I'll be writing about what I saw, ate, did, and whom I met and shared a laugh with. My text would be peppered with anecdotes, but none of them could ever convey how truly thankful I am for this experience. I was talking to Mads last night, and BFF that she was, she knew exactly how I felt, and we both said it at the same time: grateful.


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