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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I won! I won! (Part 2)

Gasp! It happened again!

This time I won an Electrolux bagless vacuum cleaner at another event. My co-workers said, "Pwede ka nang magpakasal!" Yeah, because I have a sandwich press and a vacuum cleaner-- everything I need for wedded bliss. Haha.

It was a good start to the week. The weekend was pretty great, too. Saturday morning, mumsy and I met up with my bro and his three kids at the Salcedo Market. It was nice just spending time with the family (the very thing I missed doing the weekend before), plus chowing down on some pretty good eats (more on that in an upcoming food blog post).

H picked me up after lunch so that we could attend his friend's wedding. I wore a long, printed dress I bought for a really good price in Bangkok, and got a couple of compliments. Always nice to hear. Hehe. Right after the mass, H and I headed to McDo for a bite, thinking that dinner would be served late. I had me some fries and a super thick strawberry shake! Yum! The snack turned out to be a mistake--once we got to the reception at the Loft in Manansala, cocktails were being served on the deck (lovely as it was nearing was hell on my lugay hair though), and dinner came shortly after! I wanted to pig out, but I had disc (adik!)--didn't want to riddle the San Lo field with chunks of squash soup and steak.

Sunday was the last day of games before the summer league finals. We didn't win, but we came closer than we did before (over quota!), plus we had a kick-ass time. As usual!

Ahh, another good weekend. Life's been good.

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