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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back on the boob tube

Had loads of fun at the recent radio tour, where I met a new set of DJs--Wave's George (so surreal since I do listen to her on the radio), RT's Ron, Jam's Hilary and Scottie (really cool), and U92's Eri (hilarious!). I was also back in the booth with CJ and Suzy--I really do enjoy being on their show!

I generally like doing radio tours more than TV appearances, but lately I've had a lot of those too. Anything to pimp out my mag, encourage people to go grab a copy, and in effect, help me keep my job!

On ANC's Shoptalk with Pia Hontiveros

There are two kinds of TV shows: taped and live. Both have their pros and cons. While with taped shows, you can rest easy knowing that anything stupid you say can be edited out, the whole process normally takes longer. You get a call time, but often either the crew (for location shoots) or the host (in-studio shoots--I guess TV personalities' scheds are pretty packed) are late. So you end up playing the waiting game. And, in my opinion, sitting around and waiting is a huge energy drainer.

Live shows, on the other hand, have a schedule to stick to, so things are brisk and efficient. However, there are no re-takes. And there are those dreaded Q&A portions. You really have to be on your toes and come up with quick, satisfactory answers. Very Miss Universe-esque, but instead of talking about world peace or the essence of being a woman, I have to talk about the best way to clean marble flooring, for example.

Me with Wilma Doesnt and Lucy Torres on QTV's The Sweet Life. Also in the pic is our mag's pimp (the one who arranges all our guestings) Kritzel.

I'm thankful that I haven't been overcome by nerves so much, so my appearances so far have been alright. We've promoted the heck out of our latest ish, which covers Jan to Feb, so we have a month-long break from TV gigs for now. That leaves me enough time to look for 10-inch heels so I don't look quite so short beside Lucy!



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