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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Top 10 for 2009 (part 2)

And the list continues...

5. GNO girls

I miss my girls! And my small waist! But not the stress that produced it.

The night was legend--wait for it--ary! My girls just gave me a night (stretching until sunrise) of fun, fun, fun! It was a rockin' way to bid my single life adieu! Jo, my reflective, creative, unbelievably intelligent friend, with whom I can have such meaningful, mind-blowing conversations. Mottie, my gorgeous gorgeous NY partner in crime. Chingy, my BFF--need I say more?

When I imagine what kind of friendships I might have thirty years from now, I think of Mamma Mia! and am quite convinced that that's the kind of friendship I would have with these ladies--jumping off piers in Greece, and just giving life and each other great big hugs!

4. Mads

My dress by Mads, of course!

What would I do without Mads? She is my soul sister, the one who never judges me, the one whose family has adopted me! Whenever I wonder if I'm a bad person, I try not to be too hard on myself and attempt to see myself through Mads's eyes. This pure-hearted angel always sees the best in people. Pancake House is my happy place, but her house--filled with the warmth of her family and the deliciousness of their food--is a very close second! I am ecstatic that 2009 was a milestone year for her as well, with her engagement to my soon-to-be brother-in-law. Mads deserves every happiness that this world has to offer.

3. Marie and Tata

Only pic I could find for now. That's me, Tata (center), and Marie (beside me) with the fabulous Preview girls.

The charmed ones. My two-man wedding committee. They helped me make decisions (not an easy task when the decision-making involves wedding details, mind you) and, more importantly, served and continue to serve as my nonwedding-related personal cheerleaders. From them, I get good vibes, lots of positive energy, great conversations, and plenty of laughs. And, in Marie's case, gorgeous makeup. When she remembers. Haha. (Sorry Marie, I couldn't resist! You know I love you.)

2. My mom

My beautiful mother with my sweetheart of a niece (she was in her Snow White phase when this was taken)

Being married is awesome, but what do I miss most about my past life? Or, more appropriately, who do I miss most? My mother. If it hadn't been for her, our wedding probably would have been delayed, more expensive, and more stressful. When H was away and I slept over at their place, she had packs of Moo stashed in the fridge for me. She sometimes sweetly asks me if I need our trusty driver Lolito. She is one of the kindest, most loving people that anyone would ever be lucky to meet, and I am immensely blessed that she is my mom! (The rest of my family rocks, too!)

1. Man of the Year: My husband

Our first Christmas as husband and wife. A very merry Christmas, indeed!

Of course!

What can I say that I haven't said before? That, even though I didn't think it was possible, he's an even better husband than he was a boyfriend? That every night, I relish sleeping beside him, and that every morning, it is absolute joy waking up next to him? That it makes me teary-eyed (case in point: um, now) just thinking about how deeply I love him? That I want to spend my whole life thanking God for blessing me with such a wonderful partner?

In fact, I want to spend my whole life thanking God for surrounding me with such amazing souls. (Miguel, that includes you. Haha.) Every person on this list has touched my life--in 2009 and even in years before that. And there are many more people who may not be on the list, but who are constantly in my prayers. To my family, friends, all the people I hold dear--thank you!

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