Street but Sweet


Thursday, June 26, 2008

A friendly reminder

Not everyone can work with music blaring, so if you must play your disco fever sounds at the office, please put on some damn earphones. I speak for all of those who have to suffer through inconsiderate people's muzak.

I can't bloody hear myself think.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bad vibes

All the endorphins from an hour of disc have left the building. I'm upset over someone's carelessness. Sigh.

Monday, June 16, 2008

FB status

As of now, my Facebook status could be:

Tisha... not feeling very inspired.
...has kind of frozen up because of the pressure she's placing on herself.
...has no outline to speak of. trying to figure out how to write this damn article.
...just wants to play disc. And eat gelato.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It would have been an awesome game

...if it had been the other way around!

I'm still trying to figure out how this could happen.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm pretty bad with names and faces...normally, I have to see a person twice before I can remember him or her. It's annoying. But even with this defect, I'm quite sure that I don't know most of the people who are pending approval in my Facebook and Friendster.

I have dozens of pending requests. I feel bad about rejecting requests, but am also iffy about accepting those from complete strangers, so they lie in wait in social-networking limbo. With Facebook, I accepted one request from a stranger, then when other requests came along, I thought I would be biased if I didn't accept them, so then I had a few more "unknowns" added to my list (including an NFL player. Hahaha). Then I just kept getting more and more requests, and started feeling conflicted. Did I really want these people to have access to my info? Especially the sleazy-looking ones whose contacts are mostly buxom blondes? ('Yun pala ang market ko. Hahaha.) Cyber-elitist as it may sound, I don't think I'll be adding these dudes...but then there are the occasional gray areas:
  • Do I add friends of friends? I can normally see how I'm connected to some people, and I figure my friends wouldn't be friends with psychos, right? But still, I don't really know these people.
  • I added some guy from Bangladesh ages ago, one of the first people to add me in Facebook. This was back when I still didn't have a lot of contacts and would just take what I could get. (Ahahaha.) Then his classmate added me. And then just seems weird adding more people I don't know. But then, I feel bad not adding one person when I added his classmates already.
  • Should I accept a request from one of my nephew's friends? I mean, I'd feel bad for not adding the kid. He might go and tell my nephew that he has a very snubera tita. But on the flip side, my nephew might end up thinking I'm corrupting minors!
It's kinda cool that these people are somewhat interested in getting to know me, but I have to have some boundaries, right?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New digs

Greetings from the brand-spankin' new office!

I am currently waiting for inspiration to strike before I continue writing an article. (Apparently, a new office ain't inspiration enough.) So here I am, thinking about the changes that the new location has brought:

  • No easy access to a nice, compact mall. I used to loathe the mall where our old office was at. And then CBTL opened. Then French Baker. Then Mexicali. And let's not forget my happy place, Pancake House. I really learned to like that mall. Plus, it was convenient. And it helped to just step out and look around in case I was stumped and needed to clear my head. (Now, I have to resort to random blog posts.)
  • A longer commute. The older location was much, much more accessible. And my gym was right there! I am still trying to figure out a "new normal," which involves shelling out extra cash to pay for parking at the gym. It also includes taking the MRT to get to work on some days. Must do my part to save on gas expenses!
  • Higher SPF. I've had to switch from my SPF 15 daily moisturizer to an SPF 30 because of the walks to/from the mall/MRT. The sun's been so harsh lately!
  • Less kalat! I got to dump stuff that I've been meaning to dump for two years.
  • A pullout room! We now have a place to stash big, borrowed items like chairs and tables, instead of having them crowd our workstations.
  • A pantry! It's a bummer that we can't eat at our workstations anymore, but the pantry's pretty cool...
  • ...and so is the library! The boss jokingly called it Pan de Pugon, given its brick walls.
  • A chance to play around with my workstation. I'm thinking of going all New Pretty. Must draw up a plan...maybe the next time I'm lacking inspiration!
Visit me! It's a really nice office!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

May highlights

Nearly half the year has gone by. I don't frickin' believe it. I'm still getting used to the idea that it's 2008, but it's just zooming by! Sigh. Slow down, Father Time! What's your hurry?

So here I go again with another list of awesome experiences for the month:
  • Going to Bangkok with H. In fact, this makes it to my list of most awesome experiences of all time. (Hmm. Must blog about the rest of the trip...)
  • Moving up from 16th place at the start of Summer League to 12th at the end of it! A jump of four spots--not bad! The Warriors are improving, and I'm loving my team even more. We actually came so, so close to competing in the Pool B finals--this after being classified as a Pool C team at the start! Alas, we lost by one point--a universal point at that--and our slot in the finals. It was arguably the best game we played though. (Or, shall I say "they"? I was having bad games that day. I played well the third game, but by then, the others had pretty much lost the will to play.)
  • Partying with the Warriors at the Summer League Party! It was crazy, crazy, crazy fun--with "gang-bang Gladys part 2," "gang-bang Greg" (which included Jaguar Paw. Hahaha), and hanging out with our new teammates (Ena and Jane even followed after going to pyro!). Everyone was dancing, and Mike got a few people drunk. Hehe.

Scenes from the Summer League 08 party (a couple of pics stolen from gladzalwayshappy)

Ran into Vinnie there, and he was looking for H. "It's a mistake for a boyfriend to let a pretty girl like you go alone to a party like this," he remarked. It was all a joke at the start, but later that night, I understood what he meant! This dude from a team we played against earlier asked Mike to introduce him to me. (Mike!!!) Earlier that day, after our game, he told me, "Ang galing mo!" and I was wondering why he said that coz I played so badly. Nye! Biased. Haha.

Let's see what June's got in store...