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Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend roundup


I met up with my barkada to celebrate Crisort's birthday. Had dinner at Pasto (carbo overload!) and had dessert at Cold Rock (more, more, more carbs!). I missed training but the funny thing is, I didn't even think about it the whole night! It was just so nice catching up with my girls.


Mike, Lei, Doc, Dino, and I joined the SP Hat. Last game, we played against Teacher's students, who begged us to let them win--apparently, "Sir" turned this hat into their finals, and they all would've gotten a 1 if they had beaten us. Haha. I wonder what grades they're getting...

H swung by to deliver our KFC lunches. Mike later on mentioned that someone once told him that H was a haciendero! Hahaha. And right when he said this, H texted to say the KFC lunch was on him. And Lei remarked, "Don H nga!" (He even included extra rice without my asking. Is he the best boyfriend ever or what?)

After the hat, some of the SP peeps asked if we wanted to stay for a pick-up game, but we had to go to Urda for training. While waiting for the others, we played a round of disc golf (which I sucked at. Must work on my long throws). Training got rained out, so we finished early and caught Eagle Eye (ho-hum). While watching the trailer for The Strangers, I ended up letting out an aria-like scream, and the audience snickered. And my team wouldn't let me hear the end of it. Haha.


Day two of M&M2. The boys are now 4-1, losing to Pretty Boy and the Gang. The girls? 0-4. Whatever. Pool A pa rin! Haha. But I think our D was really good. We just really have to work on our passes.

We ate at Giligan's after, then had ice cream at Sebastian's. Tried a few flavors but ended up with my usual, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Mike got his usual White Macadamia as well. We are creatures of habit.

That night, H gave me a rockin' foot massage. Where did I find this awesome, awesome man?

Friday, September 26, 2008

One big fight!!!

Photo by photog-extraordinaire Aaron Vicencio (thanks, Aaron!). More photos here.

Win or lose, it's the school I choose!

But, man, victory sure is sweet.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So I've got a new nickname.

This grainy pic is brought to you by Ninjacq. (Can you say, "Super Camera Zoom, Activate"?)

I am nowhere near the skill level of the pros, but I think I'm progressing nicely. I take pride in the fact that I've finished walls that some guys haven't finished. Haha. (Sorry boys, it's not a diss!) I'm happy I successfully climbed wall 4 again (Lei, I only fell once. And no dancing this time!), and even happier that I got to climb the wall pictured above. I looove the feeling of conquering a wall, and overcoming the pain and exhaustion.

Must give props to Roaches "MVP" Ruel, who coached me when I got to the hard part. Hearing the instructions he hollered from below, I learned a bit about twisting, and using rocks I otherwise would have dismissed, and resting against a corner. I finally understood why people use chalk though. Some of the rocks were so hard to grasp coz my hands were a bit sweaty.

I was touched to hear people cheering from below--it's cool having people who want you to finish that wall, supporting you, rah-rah-rah-ing away as you painstakingly make your way to the top. As I tapped the top of the wall and wiped the sweat dripping from my brow (and neck and back...), a sense of fulfillment just washed over me. Mike's quotable quote: "Tamo 'tong si Tisha, wala na ngang kalaban, competitive pa rin!" What can I say? I ain't no quitter!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We'll be missing you

One of fave my pics with Agent 0; Lead Hound with the Warriors' no. 1 fan; a pensive Kickass

I've said it a thousand times before--I hate goodbyes.

Last Sunday, the Warriors bid farewell to three of their teammates: Lawee Boy/Agent o, Mavs, and Kickass Caracas.

Pretty, pretty Mavs is now in New Nyork. She never actually saw action on the field, but she was always there. Preferring to cheer from the sidelines, she was our (or the Lead Hound's) no. 1 fan! Our most avid supporter. The field will seem emptier without her.

Kickass, who's moved to the Windy City, made time to join the leagues, despite his commitments, foremost of which was his family. The times that he made it, he usually had his mag-ina in tow. One of our resident (legit) daddies!

And Lawee. Ah, Lawee. I used to see him around the office, and I used to hate him (he knows this. Haha) because he was the star basketball player of the team that always beat my team. Haha. Then he started playing disc and sobrang gulang sa field! Little did I know that he would become one of my fave teammates, and one of my gulang mentors. Hahaha. Go and rock New Nyork, dude.

The team won't be the same without them.

(Photo with Lawee courtesy of Ninjacq; Kickass photo courtesy of Cel)

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Shoot me, shoot me now

TV appearance check list:
  • Cute dress (check)
  • Makeup, preferably by my favorite beauty ed, Marie (half-check...Marie is currently in Spain, and I was forced to do my own makeup)
  • Good hair (half-check. I finally got that long-overdue trim! But my blowout today wasn't perfect, so it didn't behave the way I wanted it to)
  • Cute shoes (totally unnecessary since it was all just tight shots. But anyway, check! Haha)
I think I'm slightly more comfortable in front of the cam now, but I don't think I'm ever going to reach the point where it feels completely natural. I might've looked silly, but I'm not broadcasting when it's coming out anyway, so it's all good!

Sometimes I do wish that I had what it took to make a career out of this--good money! But, hey, I love my real job, and this feels totally natural. So no complaints here!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I don't feel like being a grownup today.

Maybe it's the outfit? I was dressed like a lady the past few days, and just felt the need to go all jeans-and-Chucks today.

Whatever it is, I just don't want to have to deal with any responsibility today. I just want to play disc without having to think about deadlines. I just want to hang with H without having to worry about what's not getting done elsewhere. I just want to lie in bed and remember what it's like to be a couch potato.

I need a break.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Death by a roundhouse kick to the head

So I haven't posted anything in a while, and this post is kind of walang kwenta. But I just really really had to share a website I stumbled upon just last night (although it's been around for a while now). It's the greatest website, like, ever. I was cracking up all by myself! My friends kept changing their YM status whenever they found a new favorite. Told myself to stop at page 4, but I...just...couldn't...stop...

Click here to see it. What can I say? I appreciate wit.

Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He waits. It's effin' brilliant.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Nang dahil sa popcorn

So we had a fire drill at the office, and it wasn't even scheduled by the admin.

The fire alarm went off, and we didn't know what it was for. We heard the robotic voice say, "An emergency has been reported." It told us to evacuate. So some of us boldly went where no one had gone before, pushing the emergency exit open, and making our way down seven flights of stairs. Thank gawd I was in comfy heels.

When we got to the lower ground floor, we were told it was some sort of mistake. We went back up (using the elevator this time), and were told that some person on the floor above ours left some popcorn for too long in the microwave, triggering the fire alarm! Geez.

Hey, at least now I know where to go in case of a real emergency. I wouldn't wait around to check if there was really a fire--I would just go once that alarm goes off. Never mind that part of me feels like I've just been punk'd.

(Although, since I'm not a celeb, it was probably just Wow Mali.)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Huwat? August 2008 Highlights? Already?!

OMFG. It's September!

I can't frickin' believe it.

A recap of August:
  • Winning against BC!
  • The Monsoon party!
  • Mr. Kabab--twice in less than two weeks! (It was more about the company than the food.)
  • Three weddings in less than two weeks!
My shoulda-woulda-coulda highlight: Singapore Open. Damn. I really wanted to go, but was iffy about it because none of my teammates were game. Then I get an email from Cheng saying her team needed one more girl--but this was the day after the tourney ended! Can you say "regret"?

It would've been weird playing for Team Vietnam though when there were two teams from the Philippines. Somewhat unpatriotic, no? (Hmmm...those grapes look mighty sour.)