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Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank you all those who remembered me on my birthday! I'm incredibly blessed to have had so many people greet me on the day itself, and even before and after. Whether they were reminded by Facebook or not, it's still awesome when people have you in their thoughts, isn't it?

"I wish I could eat this entire cake and not gain weight." Blowing the lone candle off my delish frozen brazo de mercedes.

It was a quiet birthday--no partying, no night out on the town. Just brunch with the fam (I looove hanging out with my family), then a whole day with H. What a treat! My sweet fiance gave me a bunch of gorgeous roses, got me the frozen brazo de mercedes I was craving for, treated me to dinner, and got a foot massage with me. Even without all the stuff, I was just happy to have him all to myself for a day. I guess it was a preview of things to come!

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone!


Monday, December 15, 2008

I still haven't decided if I'm actively going to blog about wedding preps, because I don't want to go all Bridezilla. But for now, I will say that I love being engaged! It's like I've fallen in love all over again. El Capitan says it's because of the big-ass rock on my finger (my future husband did good in that department, I must say). I don't know about that. Haha.

I think it's partly because I was away from H for a while. There were days when I was walking the streets of New York by myself, or taking 40-minute train rides alone, and it just made me wish he were beside me. It made me realize that I hate being away from him, and that most (if not all) experiences, no matter how new or exciting, would seem even better if he were there with me.

I have to admit that I don't even know where to begin fixing this wedding. But right now, I'm just preoccupied with happy thoughts--not of a big party or of getting a purty dress or whatever. I'm just relishing the thought that (hopefully) by next year, I'll be starting a new life with him by my side.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sleepless in Manila

I woke up yesterday morning thinking I was still in NY. When I realized I wasn't, I felt an incredible wave of homesickness.

I miss hearing my tita call me "anak." I miss waking up on my cousin's couch. I miss hearing Taylor sing Old MacDonald. I miss walking from my brother's place to the PATH. I miss gearing up for the cold weather, even though I complained bitterly about it the first few days I was there. I miss Ate Belinda saying, "Hi honey!" I miss my tito's quiet presence. I miss my brother's controlled excitement over showing me his town. I miss watching movies with Kuya Vic.

To borrow a line from Sleepless in Seattle, I miss everyone so much, it hurts. And the jetlag isn't helping!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I found my second home

It's not the trendy districts, the raw energy, or the fancy buildings that made me fall in love with New York the second time around. It was much simpler than that. Being with some of the people I love most in this world turned this busy, bustling place (and the quiet suburbs) into my second home.

Now, when I think of a place of comfort away from Manila, I think of New York, and all the people who care so deeply about me here. My relatives made sure I was extremely comfortable (even without my beloved Winnie and Elpi around!), and always made it a point that I was having a blast, was safe and well fed. Even on days when I was left alone, I found comfort in staying at their homes—maybe it was all in my head, but I felt that they left some of their love behind, making me feel content and secure despite my solitariness, as they all went off to work or to run errands. When I was tired of walking block upon block in the city, I thought of how lovely it would be to just go “home”--to have a quiet dinner and just watch TV with my relatives, to lie in a nice bed (or sofa) that had been thoughtfully prepared for me.

I really, truly heart New York. But more than that, I really, REALLY love my family.


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cheers to eight years!

Dear H,

Happy anniversary! If there's one thing I learned on this trip, it's that I am never gonna be gone for this long without you again.

I'll see you in a few days.


Monday, December 01, 2008

An unforgettable November

November 2008 is just chock full o' highlights, but the number one highlight, undoubtedly is...

Me, with happy tears, and my hot fiance right beside me

Getting engaged! Come on, people, what could possibly top that this year? It's most likely THE highlight of 2008!

Of course, there were a couple of other things that sure made this month truly one for the books:

The Warriors joined their first international tournament, Manila Spirits 2008. We were seeded at the bottom (no exag here), being the most inexperienced team, but we clawed our way up three spots by the end of it! We won all our games on the last day! Woohoo!

Here we are with the first international team we ever played with, Team Japan!
(Click photo to enlarge!)

It was awesome playing with Team Japan, who awarded MVP shirts to Sarah and Ian on the first day. On the second day, they gave shirts to me and Czar! Woohoo! I gave my black-and-white racerback jersey to Yoko in exchange. I didn't play particularly well, I was probably given the shirt coz I was nice to Yoko. Haha. But I did score a couple of times during the tourney I think. And I even had a "double happiness" play--a layout block converted to a point. Yay!

We also stayed to watch the totally awesome finals game: Team Pilipinas vs. Black Flag. And Team Pilipinas emerged victorious! Congrats to them, they worked so hard!

And of course, the last major highlight of the month: New York, baby! The trip I thought of on a whim some months back has finally become a reality. Ahh, New York--the sights, the sounds, the FOOD, and best of all, my family!

Reunited with Kuya Vic, Gedo, Ate Udes, and Carlos (click photo to enlarge!)

It is gonna be so damn hard to leave.

But hey, I've got a fiance waiting back home!

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