Street but Sweet


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Remember the name

This is hilarious!

Temptress Imparting Stimulation and Hot Affection

Get Your Sexy Name

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Tatalunin na nga lang ang NU, hindi pa ginawa.
How could you miss that crucial putback, Arao?
And Laterre...what exactly was going through your head?

Leche talaga!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can someone please pass the puke bucket?

I never thought this day would come--I actually want to lay off the desserts for a couple of days!

Our food mag is having its "dessert week," and the staff has been inviting us to try and rate a truckload of different desserts every day. Yesterday, I had me some yuuuuummy frozen brazo de mercedes and lemon torte. But today, they really set me to work! I thought all I had to do was try small samples of three different cakes (banana cream, chocolate oblivion, chocolate cake). But after I was through with those, they gave me samples of bar treats like rocky road and fudge brownies, almond roca (a winner!), cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies...and a parmesan stick for good measure. All in all, I sampled 20 different desserts. I actually had to pass on the Russian tea cookies (not a fan) and the oatmeal cookies (I don't really like raisins, unless they're in Cadbury Fruit and Nut. I especially don't like them in real food, like relleno and stuff!).

This, after a big meal at Mexicali! Groooooan.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Because I'm vain

I am so lovin' my arms in this pic (and in other pics taken last weekend, so this isn't a fluke! Haha). It's nice when you realize that your workouts are paying off!

And now here I am binging on frozen brazo de mercedes and lemon torte. Hahaha.

And another one

Again, lifted off of Camyl's blog...


1. Your ‘ex’ and You = are friends.

2. I am listening to = the aircon, and clickety-clacketing keys.

3. Maybe I should = get some ice cream. Then again, maybe I shouldn't.

4. I love = Hamil!

5. My best friend(s)= are Mads, Chingy, and Bru.

6. I don’t understand = boys sometimes. (Wow, sa tanda kong 'to, "boys" pa rin ang tawag. Hahaha.)

7. I have lost my respect for = none that I can think of right now.

8. I last ate = a tuna gyro at Cafe Med. Mmmm.

9. The meaning of my display name is = Street but sweet? It was used to describe Aaliyah.

10. God = wants me to be happy. I really believe that.

11. Someday = I'll have my Jessica Alba body! Getting there...

12. I will always be = asking so many questions.

13. Love seems to = sustain me.

14. I never ever want to lose = the people I love.

15. My myspace is = nonexistent.

16. I get annoyed when = people are inconsiderate.

17. Parties = are fun...and I end up cleaning up after everyone.

18. Simple Kisses = aahh, I miss H. Haha.

19. Today = is a ho-hum day. At least it isn't stressful.

20. I wish = I could take a looong vacation.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Because I don't want to work no more

Bring on the weekend!

(Lifted this off of Camyl's blog)

Name: Tisha
Age according to your birth certificate: 27
Age you really think you are: 17 (bwahaha)

1) What are 5 things you really like about yourself?
- that I'm a kick-ass girlfriend (most days. Haha)
- that I have the discipline to go to the gym as often as I do
- that I don't stop dreaming
- my hair
- my tush (hahaha)

2) What is one accomplishment you are really proud of that you can't ever write down in your resume?
I can run 5k in half an hour, an accomplishment considering I used to abhor running!

3) If you could live a secret life, what kind of secret life would you live?
a housewife's (haha)...or a cheerleader for an NBA team

4) What is the loveliest thing someone's told you lately?
That I look like Iza Calzado. (Ooooows? Naniwala naman ako! Hahaha.)

5) What is the most supreme act of kindness ever shown to you?
Supreme? I'll cheat and just say the random act of kindness that I was on the receiving end of yesterday: This nice lady let me go ahead of her at the check-out counter in the supermarket because I just had one item. And I didn't even ask!

6) What is your inner child wearing right now?
My red one-piece bathing suit. I don't remember wearing it, but I saw a pic of it and it was so cute!

7) Describe the very moment you first fell in love.
I lost my appetite! (Now that's saying something!)

8) Describe your favorite person without using any adjectives.
He makes my heart beat faster, and, strangely, calms me down at the same time.

9) Complete the sentence on your future headstone: "Here lies...."
...a woman who laughed, danced, ate, and loved her way through life.

10) What movie character would you love to play?
Ooh that's a tough one. Perhaps someone from LOTR, only because it would've been awesome being in that movie! Or Keira Knightley's character in Pirates. Or Mark Wahlberg's love interest in any movie. Haha.

11) Describe your perfect birthday cake.
Chocolaaaaate with vanilla ice cream...and zero calories.

12) A stadium of people are clapping for you and giving you a standing ovation. What did you just do to deserve this?
Ahh...memories of dancing for ADMU-DLSU games. Haha.

The lucky 13 question: If you were a musical instrument, what instrument would you be and how would you like to be played?
My goodness. Any instrument, as long as it's played with passion!

My name is Tisha, and I am a delinquent blogger

Blame that other blog.*

I'm required to post four (count 'em, four!) entries a week, but so far I've only posted two for this week (one of them isn't up yet). I don't know how I'm going to manage--as if naman I live such an exciting, action-packed life! So OK, I've been crazy busy lately, but it's mostly coz of work. How sad is that?

I'm relishing the thought of the upcoming weekend though--for the first time in a long time, I have a Saturday devoid of shoots and pullouts! WOOHOO!!! I have to return pullouts in the morning, but that's about it. I can't believe I have a few extra hours before the Urdaneta Open (ahh, more on that in an upcoming post).

I remember a couple of Saturdays ago, I had a couple of free hours, and it felt so weird. Kinda felt like I was slacking off! I mean, even on the holidays I was working, and even on the day I went on leave and swore not to do anything work related, I ended up pulling out. (It couldn't be helped--from the moment I woke up 'til I went to bed, people were texting about work, work, work! Sigh. I so wish I were with Mumsy at the Holy Land now!) So tomorrow should be interesting. But first, I gotta get some work outta the way!

*Yep, I'm being paid to blog! And apparently, I am the "young, free, and fabulous" one of the bunch! Go figure. Click here if you wanna check it out. It'd be great if you guys read it and leave a comment every now and then. (P.S. I really don't like my pic! But oh well.)