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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too much of a good thing

I had my bone density scanned this morning. (Image is in keeping with the spirit of Halloween!) The result? I'm too damn healthy.

The test is supposed to tell you if you're at high risk for osteoporosis. You put your bare foot on this machine, and it shows the result in about a minute. High risk is about -4 to -2.5, moderate risk is about -2.5 to -1, while low risk is from -1 to 2. While my friends "scored" between 1 and 2, my magic number was...3.6!

OK, so it's probably all that milk that I drink every day. I thought it was a good thing, but the dude warned that "too much of anything is bad." He recommended that I drink more water because the calcium in my body might not break down into liquid form, and thus turn into kidney stones or something. Eight glasses a day. On a good day, I drink about two liters, which is more than the recommended amount, I think. But I guess given my active lifestyle, I need more water than the average sedentary person.

And to think I was worried that my bones were brittle from all the beating my body endures. Hmm. I guess I'm proof that milk really is good for your bones.

Image taken from here.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby got back


H: Your waist is getting smaller.
Me: Uh, nope. I think my hips are getting bigger!

I really don't mind. It's scary the way I've been eating lately--two lunches one day, two dinners on another. Plus, the unthinkable has happened: I've fallen in love with rice. Ever since I was a kid, I could chow down on a lot of ulam with just half a cup of rice. But in the last few weeks, I've stepped into the wonderful world of rice-eaters. I'm not a rice heavyweight yet (like one of the Hounds, who could put away seven servings in one sitting!), but I'm now on the receiving, rather than the giving, end of leftover rice. And "extra rice, please" is working its way into my vocab.

If the most I'm getting out of all this wanton eating is a bigger bum, then I'm happy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Videoke weekend

I went videoke-ing twice over the weekend. Friday night (after that horrendous day, which, by the way, didn't end with the last bullet point), I hung out with the MC2 peeps a.k.a. the Frisbeer group. We got a videoke room as some of the girls stayed outside, playing billiards and getting sloshed. One song was stuck in my head 'til today--Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler--and I Youtubed the video.

Can I just say that the original video is some scary-ass ish! It's a mark of a good video when, decades later, it can still make an impact! While straight men might by freaked out by the somewhat homo-erotic dancing, any regular person would still be spooked by the other elements of the video...

My older friends said that it was "groundbreaking" at that time, and I must agree! Sure, "bright eyes" was a tad literal...but hey, it's memorable!

Saturday, H and I went to Chellette's despedida at Centerstage (a videoke place owned by K). More singing! It was cool hanging out with H (can't seem to get enough of him lately), and it was nice seeing his friends again. It had been a while. No Total Eclipse, but I sang So Slow again. Didn't do a very good job of it, but I've overcome my stage fright and just sing my heart out now. The essence of videoke isn't talent after all. It's showmanship! (Refer to Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding.)

P.S. I'm still looking for a videoke place with Divinyls' I Touch Myself in its repertoire!

Friday, October 17, 2008

  • Mumsy got upset with me over something because of a misunderstanding. Kind of a long story. But sigh.
  • Some of the pullouts I needed couldn't be pulled out. This is a really big deal. It means coordinating with a whole different set of people. And missing my deadline! Argh.
  • The guard took so long checking my pullouts because he seemed really clueless. I saw five or six empty cabs zoom by as I helplessly waited. When he was finally done, no empty cabs were passing by anymore.
  • The one cab I flagged down wasn't willing to bring me to my destination.
  • I decided to take the train. The girl took so long issuing my ticket. The train pulled in, and I ran through the barrier--only to have my skirt get caught on one of the bars. I ended up giving people a free peep show.
  • I ran to the train...and its doors closed before I could board.

The Law of Attraction. This day sucks, and it just keeps getting suckier. I am in no mood to call on the powers of good juju just yet. Let me brood for a bit.

Monday, October 13, 2008

We've got spirit

We won all of one game in the just-concluded Malakas at Maganda 2, but it was a game that bumped us up a notch. At the end of the league, Ultimate Warriors-Women came in sixth out of seven. I am actually happy with that! I'm happy enough that we won one game, and...won the Most Spirited Team award! What a lovely surprise. Sarah and I went up to claim our prize--a bottle of Tanduay.

And one of the funniest highlights of the night:

Fel has better pics!

PUA parties: where your wildest dreams come true! Hahaha.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The gospel according to the Style Bible

Marie, Tatamaps, and I decided to go to the Style Bible launch, pretty much to support Nicole. And we used it as an excuse to get together on a Friday night and just talk about our goals (in the spirit of The Secret). We headed to Marie's to get all gussied up; Marie did my lovely makeup (kind of cat's-eye-ish, but not so seen in pics. It was kind of a different look for normally bare-faced me). I was tempted to stay in, like Marie's roomie Lana, who was already in her PJs when we were at their place. But we committed to a night out, so...

Girls in black: (From left) Anne, formerly of Preview; Joanna, formerly of Preview and Town & Country; Ana K, FHM; Tatamaps, Seventeen and Martha Weddings; Agoo, Preview; Marie, Marie Claire; and little old me (photo from Anne)

While everyone was wearing stuff like Badgley Mishka and toting Birkin bags, here I was in an LBD I got on sale, and in my red, peep-toe SM heels. Haha. We stayed at the event for just half an hour. The highlight of the night was actually the conversation over dinner. While I do get an overdose of estrogen each time I'm on the field for M&M2, it's always fabulous hanging out with my two favorite girls from the office. It's not the makeup or the outfit or the loud music that I looked forward to (and ultimately enjoyed) that night--it was their company, plain and simple.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The birth of Bridezilla

I'm starting to warm up to the idea of a wedding--as long as it's done right. I was looking for an event planner (for work, I swear), and found this. They put together a lovely Boracay soiree, which I think comes close to what my dream wedding would look like: simple, chic, understated. If I could fly everyone to Bora, this would kind of be it. (I'd ditch the glass balls in vases though, pictured in the website.)

Air-inspired shindig by Fete Architects

I tend to click on non-wedding party photos, because I find that a lot of wedding setups are overly styled. (Hello, David Tutera. Although I like the South Beach wedding that he did.) I like the look and feel of rustic Tuscan weddings, and the romance of beach weddings. But given our iffy weather, I'm not so sure about an outdoor setup--I'd want my guests to party comfortably in an air-conditioned venue.

I'm finally ready for this ish.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My September

Daaayyym, it's the last quarter of the year!

Some highlights from September 2008:
  • WTF?! We had our annual tournament, this time at Camp Aguinaldo. The champs: The Green-ada A-Discs.

The champs: Czar, Shane, Mavs (aww), Jun-jun, Ena, Mina, Dino, Kring, Nana, Vicky, Sarah, Mike. Click on photo for more pics!
  • My TV appearance. Nothing major. But the cool thing was I didn't stress over it as much as I did in the past. It was pretty quick and painless.
  • Lunch with mumsy and her friends. We traveled all the way to Tiaong, Quezon to celebrate my mother's birthday. Read about it here.

Oldies but goodies: With my lovely mother and her high school friends!
  • Malakas at Maganda 2. The girls joined their first-ever all-girl tournament. We're learning a lot, and I think it's helping us improve and become more confident. And the boys have been nothing but incredibly supportive! I'm so touched that they've been selflessly giving us pointers during training, and coaching and cheering for us during our games. I must say I miss playing with them though. I much prefer the mixed leagues, but this is still a great experience.

Trying, trying, trying to break the Devil Dogs' cup. That's me catching the disc. (Pic stolen from Kring)
  • Bonfire 2008. Sing it with me: "Weeee are the champions, my friend!" After six years, my beloved Blue Eagles are once again the UAAP Men's Basketball Champions. They (we) beat archrivals DLSU in two games--and our Juniors team bagged first place as well! Woohoo! Ching, H, and I were at Ateneo for the bonfire--unfortunately, it rained that day so it was suuuper muddy. And I forgot to bring flipflops! I had to walk around wearing H's too-large sandals. Haha. It was cool seeing the Bench boys though. I tried to buy a shirt from Pau (whom I had never spoken to my whole life, and who probably doesn't even know my name. Hahaha), and hung out with Jerry and his girlfriend. Quotable quotes:
Mong: This is my second collegiate party in a row. Kagabi nasa Beda kami.
Tisha: Ah talaga? Sinong tumugtog? (Meaning, Chicosci or Sandwich.)
Mong: Wala...naisip lang namin masaya do'n kasi nanalo sila, so pumunta lang kami. Ang dami naming new friends!


Chito of Parokya (onstage): Si Yuri, cousin ko 'yan since birth. Nung bata 'yan tumatakbo-takbo 'yan nang walang salawal. (Pause) Sana si Chris Tiu din! Crush ko talaga 'yan eh. Wala akong crush na lalake, siya lang.
Someone else from Parokya
(possibly Vinci): Ang pogi talaga eh!
Another guy: Pero pare, parang type ko rin si Jobe.

(The others were politically incorrect jokes courtesy of the Bench boys. Some things never change. Haha.)
  • Conquering wall 2.5. I used to wonder how people could climb those walls. And I surprised myself by actually doing it. Yay!

(Pic stolen from Jacq)
  • Booking my flight to NY. Yup, it's really gonna happen. I just had an idea brewing in my head of spending Thanksgiving in New York. And I'm actually going to do it! One last big spending hurrah before I start setting aside money for a family!

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